FSC® certified, Indoor Air Comfort - Gold certified - And now also Nordic Ecolabelled!

Good conscience countertops


18. September 2018

During the years it has become more and more important for HORN to ensure, that our product assortment continuously is a step ahead of the most demanding requirements in the market.
This is our goal and we believe we is now one step further reaching it with the Nordic Ecolabel certification of GREEN COLLECTION – Wood, which includes the following; Maple, American Walnut (incl. Rustic), Ash, Beech (incl. Rustic), Oak (incl. Rustic), European Cherry tree, European Walnut and Heart Ash in all widths of rod and in all applicable colours of maintenance oil; Nature, white, grey, black and antique.


A bright future

Achieving a Nordic Ecolabel certification is a milestone, but certainly not the last chapter in HORNs continued sustainable development.

”It is neither the first nor the last time we point out that HORN is all-in on sustainable development and believe certification is the way forward. We aim to be the place end-users come to find their indoor-air friendly, environmental- and socially responsible products, and we want to present transparency and competitive products to our business partners.”
Quote Jakob Bressendorf, CEO



GREEN COLLECTION is still both FSC®- & Indoor Air Comfort - Gold certified. 



Indoor Air Comfort - Gold


The Indoor Air Comfort - Gold certification documents that GREEN COLLECTION comply with requirements to VOC emission from among others; BREEAM, BREEAM-NOR, LEED, M1 including criterias from private certification labels, such as the Nordic Ecolabel; "The Swan", EU-Ecolabel; "The flower" and the internaltional, german; "Blaue Engel".


When choosing GREEN COLLECTION you are ensured that all the used wood used for both the laminate, bamboo and wood collection is sustainable. You will find more information about FSC® here.

HORNs svanemærke på GREEN COLLECTION - Wood The Nordic Ecolabel certification ensures that GREEN COLLECTION – Wood complies with strict environmental requirements, is produced using a limited energy consumption, that quality and properties are documented, that the products come from sustainable forestry (supported by HORNs FSC® certification) and not least that the products fulfil chemical and emission requirements that contribute to healthier indoor climate.



If you already wish to order a Nordic Ecolabel certified product, you are more than welcome to contact us!

On behalf of the entire HORN team, we are looking forward to inform our customers and partners about the new certification of GREEN COLLECTION – Wood.

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