Compact laminate do not have a core of particle board, and is thus ultra water resistant.

Maintenance - Compact laminate


Daily cleaning is done with a damp cloth.

Avoid excessive use of detergens/sulfo products, as it may result in a greasy surface. A mild universal cleaner may be used to remove stubborn dirt. 


Spot removal:

Colored foods and liquids should be removed immidiately, as they may cause discoloration. 

Stobborn dirt and a greasy surface can be removed by using HORN Eco-Clean: 

  1. Eco-Clean is applied to the laminate surface with a cloth
  2. Leave to work for 2-3 min. 
  3. Spread with a cloth a soft sponge using light pressure. Be careful if you have chosen a rough or matte laminate surface.
  4. Remove all residues of Eco-Clean with a wet cloth (wipe approximately 3-5 times with clean water).
  5. Wipe off the laminate surface with a clean, lint-free cloth. 
  6. Repeat step 15 until the laminate surface is thoroughly cleaned. 



Scratch resistance:

Abrasive cleaners e.g. scouring powder, steel wool or corrosive detergents must not be used.

Always use a cutting board.


Heat resistance:

Laminate countertops is not heat resistant.

Constant impact of steam from household appliances should be avoided on laminate countertops with a chipboard core. Compact laminate is resistant to steam from household appliances as it is a solid material.

Always use trivits or similar for hot pots and pans.

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