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Maintenance - Solid wood


Daily cleaning is done with damp cloth.

Always remember to remove liquids, to avoid letting the wood soak. Avoid as a rule of thumb detergent, as it dries the wood, which may result in cracks.



Before leaving our factory, all HORN solid wood worktops go through a thorough oiling process on all sides. The maintenance process of wooden products is nonetheless never finished, as wood, because it is s natural product, require continuous care and maintenance.

Without proper care a solid wood worktop risk drying out, which may result in cracks, surface stains or even curves and twists. HORNs maintenance oil provides a protective layer of moisture which protect the wood from absorbing and emitting moisture when the surrounding temperature and humidity changes. This will first of all minimize the risk of cracking but also serve as shield against minor surface stains.

Thorough maintenance already upon receipt, ensures that your new solid wood countertop will look good many years forward.

It is recommended to maintain the countertop with oil, within the following interval:

  • Start the maintenance process immediately after installation. Repeat 2 times more with a 3 day interval.
  • Continue the maintenance process once a month, the first 6 months.
  • The continuous frequency of the maintenance process depends on the usage, but it is recommend to give the total surface a quick oiling 4 times a year.

We recommend that you continue using HORNs maintenance oil, which is the same as we use at the factory.


Instrcutions for using HORN Maintenance oil

HORN maintenance oil can be used for both kitchen countertops as well as other solid wood surfaces.

  1. Before applying the maintenance oil, the wood should be gently polished with sandpaper (grain 220). Note: It is important to polish along the oars of the tree. 
  2. Clean the countertop with a damp cloth to remove all polish dust. Note: Do not use detergents/sulfo products. 
  3. When the surface is completely dry, a thin layer of HORN Maintenance oil is applied with a sponge or lint free cloth. Note: It is important that the surface is completely dry and to make syre the entire countertop is covered.
  4. Wipe away excess oil immidiately with a clean, lint-free cloth. Note: The oil dries within 5 minutes, and any excess oil must be removed before this, to avoid a greasy surface. 
  5. HORN recommends that you wait app. 12 hours before taking the countertop into use, as this will enable the wood to absorb the oil. 
  6. If the wood had become very dry since the last maintenance process with oil, you may repeat the above process after 3 days. 



HORN Maintenance oil can be purchased at your HORN retailer. Alternatively we recommend you to order similar products directly at Denwood by HORN

The above process should be repeated accordingly to the recommended intervals, but in case the surface appears matte or stained, it should be treated immidiately. 

Note: No guarantee is granted in case damage is caused by an untreated and/or inadequately treated countertop.  


Spot removal:

Colored liquids may cause discoloration of the wood and must be removed immidately. Farvende væsker kan medføre misfarvning af træet, og bør fjernes hurtigst muligt.

Wood with a natural high acidic content (e.g. oak) have a risk of being susceptible to absorbing rust from jars, pots and similar. This may result in dark markings/spot, which in the worst case can penetrate through the wood. If the damage has occurred, you may be able to polish surface and thereby remove the spot. However, if the rust has penetrated the wood, polishing can leave a hollow. We therefore always recommend that you contact your HORN retailer immediately, who will seek advice from HORN and our repairmens.

Thorough and frequent maintenance with oil protects against stains, but HORN recommends placing jars, pots and similar on a protective trivit.


Scratch & Heat resistance: 

Solid wood is neither scratch nor heat resistant. Always use cutting boards, trivets and similar.

Constant impact from hot liquids, warm household appliances, pots and pans may result in cracking, steam shields and similar. In general heat generating household appliances should be placed on heat resistant trivets, to reduce the risk of discoloration and cracking.

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