See the beauty in a rustic look

Rustique solid wood

Product information

HORN is experiencing a larger demand for countertops in rustic solid wood. Rustic countertops are manufactured from wood, where all the healthy and natural colours, structure, knots and cracks are allowed.

Cracks and large knots is filled with a polyamide based wood filling material before delivery. However, to preserve the natural look, it is possible to experience minor cracks and holes which have not been filled, as the rustic look, in our opinion will be impaired by filling these. 

It is important to emphasize that the structure in our rustic wood is naturally occurring. All of our wood is hand selected before the production process, and undergoes an additional quality control throughout the production, to ensure that all the ‘rustic’ elements are as healthy and natural as they should be.

Please note, that cracks and knots in the rustic countertop are not covered by the warranty, filled or not. We always enclose a small amount of polyamide filling, so that the customer can fill minor cracks should they wish to do so.


The photos show what HORN characterize as natural elements of our rustic solid wood countertops.


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