How to avoid curves and twists

Good advice on solid wood

Avoid curves an twists on your solid wood countertop

As it is a natural material wood absorbs and emit moisture when the surrounding temperature and humidity change. This may happen during seasons and delivery but is also affected by e.g. steam from the dishwasher and when being exposed to extreme heat from e.g. a stove, hot pots and pans, strong sunlight, newly molded floors, damp walls etc.  

If the solid wood countertop is not saturated with oil from the ongoing maintenance process, you may risk that the plate either expand or contracts, which is seen as a curvature and/or twisting.


Good advice for when the wheather change: 

Depending on the species and dimension, wood usually has the ability to adjust itself to the surroundings.

However, we recommend that you take humidity fluctuations into consideration. In homes the humidity is usually 30-60% as there is a relatively big difference between the summer (60-65%) and winter (<40%) months, which among others is due to the fact that we during the winter months turn on our radiators, stoves and similar which creates a drier climate. During the drier winter climate months, you may have an increased risk of experiencing curves and twists in your solid wood countertop.


What happens…?

As a general rule of thumb, solid wood extends at an humidity above 55% and contracts at an humidity below 45%. Furthermore you may experience a slight curve to the countertop in case of uneven moisture of the front and back.



How can curves and twists be avoided…?

Your HORN solid wood countertop has undergone one of the most thorough oiling processes on the market. However, during shipping, the wood is subject to excessive temperate fluctuations, which require attention -Especially upon receipt and storage before installation.

After delivery, the solid wood countertop must acclimatize for a minimum of 24 hours in the original packaging. This should be done horizontal on beams or battens in the room where it is to be installed or a dry room at approximately 20°C (The applicable regulations will always be stated on the packaging, including HORN's maintenance and installation instructions).

If the solid wood countertops is stored different before installation, it will increase the risk of curvatures and twisting.


When damage is done…

If you experience any curves or twists in your solid wood countertop, you need to reestablish the right moisture level in the plates by applying your maintenance oil according to the instructions.

In practice you may need to disassembly the countertop from the core. However, as a minimum you may want to unscrew the countertop from the core, to enable the wood to move freely. Apply oil thoroughly and repeat with a 1 day interval until the countertop is completely flat again. Then re-install the countertop according to our instruction manual.


NOTE: Curves and twists in the countertop is not covered by our guarantee, as it can be fixed with correct and adequate maintenance. 

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