... And you thought laminate were practical?

Compact laminate

Ultra strong, durable and practical surface.

If you want a practical, modern, durable and hygienic countertop that furthermore requires no special maintenance and not least is quite economic, compact laminate may be the perfect choice for you.

Compact laminate is also an ideal choice if you like a more minimalistic look, as you do not need the traditional core and therefore can have a much thinner and stronger result.

Similar to normal laminate countertops cleaning is easily done with a clean, damp cloth, while excessive use of detergents may result in a greasy surface that need to be removed with HORN Eco Clean. Contrary to normal laminate countertops compact laminate is more water resistant and can even be used as an outdoor countertop.

Material geeks: 

We aim to educate and guide you to choosing the right countertop solution that fit your need.

Looking through our HORN Academy you will therefore find tips and tricks for proper maintenance, that will ensure a countertop that stays beautifull year after year. 



Compact laminate - Assortment

Compact laminate consists of several layers of laminate paper, a surface and bottom decor paper as well as a melamine surface and bottom to strengthen the material.

Underneath the strengtening melamine is a layer of decor paper, which enables a variety of different looks. 

A: A protective layer on top in melamine. Surface stucture

B: Decorative paper

C: The core consist of several layers of paper impregnated with resins. Available in black, white and light grey) 12-13 mm.

D: A layer of melamine


Please note that the colour of the decor paper and core is not always the same. If you are looking for a clean and minimalistic look that resembles a mineral surface (Like GetaCore or Corian), we recommend 0010 Erre w/white core or 0085 FH black w/black core. On the contrary the contrast of the 0080 FH white w/black core which will give a more modern look. 

The colour of the core is noted for each decor when you click through the gallery. 

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