A mineral countertop with endless posibilities.


Mineral based composite countertops

GetaCore® is available in 3 mm & 10 mm. 10 mm can be used directly as a worktop where 3 mm is mounted to a chip board. However, both thicknesses are offered as an embellished decor that allows for the following thicknesses; 23, 32, 42 and 61 mm.

Vacuum-pressed sinks is only offered on 10 mm.

Daily cleaning is done with clean, damp cloth. For dirt use a cloth with an universal cleaner. Avoid using abrasive or acidic products, and wipe off liquid immediately.

HORN always recommends cutting boards and trivits, and in general, all stains should be removed immediately to maintain a uniform surface.


GetaCore® sinks: 

When you buy a GetaCore® countertop, you can choose from a wide selection of both our steel-, granite composite- og porcelain sinks. However, you also have the possibility to choose a GetaCore® sink, which will create an elegant, smooth and uniform surface. You will find the different models at the bottom of the page.

Note: I GetaCore® you have the opportunity of choosing an vacumm-pressed bathroom sink.


Material geeks: 

We aim to educate and guide you to choosing the right countertop solution that fit your need.

Looking through our HORN Academy you will therefore find tips and tricks for proper maintenance, that will ensure a countertop that stays beautifull year after year. 



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