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Retro & biodegradable natural product

HORN offers quality furniture Linoleum from Forbo. 

Linoleum is produced from natural materials with linseed oil as a base. It consist of 3 layers; Impregnated roofing felt, linoleum granulates and a layer of matte coating as surface tratment, to preserve the unique apparence and prevents glare. The total thickness of Linoleum is 2.0 mm, which is mounted to a 20, 30 or 40 mm chipboard recording to the customers preferences. 


Linoleum is biodegradable and does not harm the environment when it is being deposed. With linoleum minor micro scratches may disappear in time, as continuous maintenance almost will make them melt into the material. However, be carefull if you choose to use Linoleum in the kitchen, as it is neither heat nor water resistant and as the material will be scratched as a part of everyday use. Therefore it is also important to use cutting board, trivits and to remove liquids and colored food immediately.  


Daily cleaning is done with a clean, damp cloth. Soap bean water may be used if the countertop is very dirty. HORN also recommends Linoleum Cleaner. Avoid acid based detergents.


Material geeks: 

We aim to educate and guide you to choosing the right countertop solution that fit your need.

Looking through our HORN Academy you will therefore find tips and tricks for proper maintenance, that will ensure a countertop that stays beautifull year after year. 



Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Linoleum is Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified.

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