Quality sinks from leading suppliers

Compliment your choice of countertop with a sink from leading suppliers of quality sinks, which have been integrated in the countertop to give an exclusive, hygienic and beautiful expression.





Which sink to choose? 

In the following we guide you through the most important focal points, when you are to choose your future sink to your kitchen, bath or utility room.


Does it fit the cabinet? 

Your kitchen consultant will help you make the right choice, that suit both your style and the measurements.


However, when researching the various possibilities, we advice you to check that the sink fits the size of the cabinet, as this determines the size of washbasin you can choose.

As you browse through HORN's assortment, you can find this information by looking at the numbers in the end, which indicate whether the sink fits a cabinet size og minimum: 50, 60 or 80 cm.


Which material?   

We carry both sink in steel, composite and porcelain in our assortment. In our mineral countertops (Corian® and GetaCore®) you furthermore have the opportunity to choose a vacuum-pressed washbasin, as well at kitchen sinks in the same material with a folded steel buttom.

Please note that there are pros and cons to all materials. In general, the manufactures have nonetheless come a long way in terms of quality and durability, so as a starting point, we recommend that you choose a sink that suits your needs and style.

Always remember to read our maintenance instructions which you will find in our HORN Academy - Maintenance of sinks. 



Kitchen sinks in steel is known as the practical choice.

However, the design and functionality of steel sinks have developed a lot in recent years, why it today is known as much more than just a practical wash, and you will be able to find many exclusive steel sinks in our assortment.

Please note that the quality of HORN's steel sinks is impeccable regardless of model, but the finish is different between the models.


  • Steel sinks will get minor surface scratches. These have only visual significance.




Granite composite sinks is the overall term for Blanco SILGRANIT, Franke Fragranit, Intra Juvel Cristalite and our own HORN assortment of granite composite sinks named; Core and Target.

All granite composite sinks is produced using a mixture of granite and acrylic. The standard color in HORNs assortment through all brands is dark gray/anthracite, as we find that this color suits most countertops. In some models we carry other colors as standard as well, but have you fallen in love with an alternative color on the suppliers website or showroom, you are always welcome to request this, but note that the delivery time may increase.


  • Boiling water taps may discolor the granite composite sink.

  • Granite composite sinks may in some extreme instances crack when being exposed to excessive cold/heat impact or shocks. We note that this is not a product defect.

  • Minimum thickness that enables granite composite sinks: 30 mm




Porcelain is a ceramic product consisting of among others kaolin and quartz. Procelain sinks is formed, dried and the burned at 900°-1600° C.


  • When undermounting a porcelain sinks, there may be a visible edge within a tolerance og 5-10 mm.




Sinks in Corian® & GetaCore®

When buying a mineral composite countertop from either Corian® or GetaCore®, you have the opportunity to select both our selection og sinks in steel, granite composite and porcelain. However, it is furthermore a possibility to have a sink in the same material and color as the countertop, which optical will make the countertop and sink look as though it were cut of one piece.

This is actually the case when you choose a vacuum-pressed sink for the bathroom. However, this method is not a possibility in the kitchen, where we instead weld the countertop and the sink together.

You will find the various options in Corian® & GetaCore® under the respective pages.



  • Vacuum-pressed sinks is only an option in selected colors.

  • Not all colors are represented in the kitchen sink options.

  • Corian® offers some kitchen sinks without the steel bottom. HORN, however, do not recommend this solution, as everyday usage may be too damaging on the material.

GetaCore - Vakuumpresset badvask




  • As a standard, kitchen sinks are delivered with a strainer.  
    • Not included: Soap dispenser, water trap etc.
      • Please note that HORN is not familiar with the design of the sink and thus can not determine the direction of drainage kit.
  • Applicable to bathroom sinks with overflow: These are supplied without drainage kit as this comes with the water tap.
  • Applicable to bathroom sinks without overflow: Due to legislation, these are supplied with forced bottom valve, as HORN is not familiar with the design of the bathroom drainage.





BLANCO has been producing high quality kitchen technology since 1925 in is today one of the world's leading and most award winning producers of kitchen sinks -Representing quality, functionality, aesthetics and professionalism. 

BLANCO's special strength lies in system concepts that make optimal use of space, making work easier and lasting for many years. Different combinations of materials, design and assembly options enables you to find a sink that fits your personal dream kitchen perfectly.

You may find further information about the various BLANCO models, as well as see their specifications here


Through the last 100 years Franke has been producing quality sinks with the motto; Everything but ordinary.

You may find further information about the various Franke models here. 


Intra Juvel has a position of being an innovative, first-class steel production company, with more than 140 years of experience for designing beautiful stainless steel products.

For decades they have been developing stainless steel products, based on know-how from both the production facility in Sweden and Juvel in Denmark. 

You may find further information about the various Intra Juvel models here. 


Stala is a Finnish family company rooted in Skandinavian craftsmanship, functional design and high quality. Stala's main feature is the ability to handle stainless steel, in a way that results in high quality, durable products that bring joy to their users time after time.

You may find further information about the various Stala models here.  


Lavabo has a great focus on creating the right designs in kitchen sinks, emphasizing quality and functional design with a beautiful aesthetic finish. All Lavabo sinks has been through a design phase, where many different needs are thought through.

You may find further information about the various Lavabo models here.  

HORN sinks

Our own HORN sink programme consists of selected quality sinks at good prices. 



Sink accessories

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