Bring the nature into your kitchen

Solid wood

FSC® Certified & Nordic Swan Ecolabelled

Your countertop is the icing on the cake. It makes the final experience of any kitchen even better, and it enables you to personalise the rooms you are using everyday. 

A solid wood worktop is a piece of nature that brings a warm atmosphere -Nomatter if your dream kitchen is inspired by minimalistic-, tradinational or more romantic trends.

Solid wood never goes out of fashion and ensures and is soft to the touch. Some wood species such as Ash and Oak is even hygienic, as they contain a natural high acidic level. 


Material Geeks: 

For a while solid wood worktops were replaced by more modern materials such as laminate or ceramics, as it were told that required maintenance were too time consuming. 

However, while solid wood do require ongoing maintenance, it is actually easier than what you may think -When done correct and consistently! 

We advice you to check out our HORN Academy, were you will find further information and instructions regarding the maintenance process than ensures that your solid wood countertop is looking good years after years. 


40 mm. short rod (80 mm. width of rod )

Rustic solid wood is extremely popular. They are manufactured from wood, where all the healthy and natural colours, structure, knots and cracks are allowed.

Cracks and large knots is filled with a polyamide based wood filling material before delivery. However, to preserve the natural look, it is possible to experience minor cracks and holes which have not been filled, as the rustic look, in our opinion will be impaired by filling these. 

It is important to emphasize that the structure in our rustic wood is naturally occurring. All of our wood is hand selected before the production process, and undergoes an additional quality control throughout the production, to ensure that all the ‘rustic’ elements are as healthy and natural as they should be.

Please note, that cracks and knots in the rustic countertop are not covered by the warranty, filled or not. We always enclose a small amount of polyamide filling, so that the customer can fill minor cracks should they wish to do so.


At HORN, we take responsibility for our nature seriously. It is therefore important for us to have documentation from recognized labelling.  

Below you can read more about the certificates that HORN's solid wood countertops meet and what they stand for.

Note: The following gallery shows only a fraction of the available options. The collection is available in all thicknesses, types of rod connections and of course in all our surface maintenance colourings (Nature, white, grey, antique and black).  



The Nordic Ecolabel certification ensures that the wood complies with strict environmental requirements, is produced using a limited energy consumption, that quality and properties are documented, that the products come from sustainable forestry (supported by HORNs FSC® certification) and not least that the products fulfil chemical and emission requirements that contribute to healthier indoor climate.


With FSC you are ensured that all the used wood used for both the laminate, bamboo and wood collection is sustainable. You will find more information about FSC® here.

Indoor Air Comfort - Gold

The Indoor Air Comfort - Gold certification documents that GREEN COLLECTION comply with requirements to VOC emission from among others; BREEAM, BREEAM-NOR, LEED, M1 including criterias from private certification labels, such as the Nordic Ecolabel; "The Swan", EU-Ecolabel; "The flower" and the internaltional, german; "Blaue Engel".



Inspiration and details

Solid Wood with various surface maintenance oil colourings

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