HORN Quality - All the way

HORN Bordplader A/S

Incorporating quality in our everyday thinking

Quality − All the way − has always been a main focal point for HORN.

But, what do we define as ”HORN quality” and what do we mean when we say ”all the way”?

Within the industry, quality is usually defined as: Price, delivery time and having a wide product range. We still find these to be important factors, but we ask ourselves: Can’t we do more than that?

We both can and will.


HORN wish to rethink the concept of quality. We do this by throughout considerations of our roots, CSR profile value set, but also by continous learning, knowledge sharing and not least ongoing development and innovation that ensures optimal material utilization, effective production facilities and enables us to certify products in compliance with international laws and regulations.

You will find further information regarding our various initiatives in the menu at your right. 



HORN Bordplader A/S

Farvervej 40
DK-7490 Aulum

Phone: +45 9749 8090
Fax: CVR: 25798902

Email: post@hornbordplader.dk
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