Good conscience countertops

Certified countertop for everyone

The first total-certified countertop solution

In 2015 HORN started the development of the markets first certified countertop collection, which were to be known as GREEN Collection.

GREEN Collection included selected low-price and high-end products, and were certified to ensure a healthier indoor climate and an improved production method along the value chain. The collection were also tested against harmful substances, complied with strict environmental requirements and were produced using a limited energy consumption.

It still is.

But today GREEN Collection is HORN Collection.


As our product assortment is extensive, GREEN Collection were our method to increasingly incorporate sustainability into our total assortment of end products. We have come so far, that today we can assure you will find sustainable aspects no matter which product line you look into - And most importantly we have a plan to continuously be increasing the overall sustainability of each product.


Making sustainable choices must be an option for everybody

To ensure market transparency, it is HORNs objective, that all products is to be certified within applicable environmental- and health standards.

Quite simply, our certified countertops take care of the indoor air climate as well as the environment. - Without compromising neither design nor quality. 




Indoor Air Comfort - Gold


The Indoor Air Comfort - Gold certification documents that our products comply with requirements to VOC emission from among others; BREEAM, BREEAM-NOR, LEED, M1 including criterias from private certification labels, such as the Nordic Ecolabel; "The Swan", EU-Ecolabel; "The flower" and the internaltional, german; "Blaue Engel".


When choosing wood based HORN product you are ensured that that the wood is sustainable. You will find more information about FSC® here.

HORNs svanemærke på GREEN COLLECTION - Wood The Nordic Ecolabel certification ensures that we comply with strict environmental requirements, is produced using a limited energy consumption, that quality and properties are documented, that the products come from sustainable forestry (supported by HORNs FSC® certification) and not least that the products fulfil chemical and emission requirements that contribute to healthier indoor climate.


Choose a HORN countertop for the sustainable project

As natural part of our value set and commitment to the UN Global Compact, we find it important to promote sustainable development.

Our certifications create credibility and easier access to projects, which often include various relevant influencers. Through our years of experience as a countertop supplier, we offer you cooperation and advice on optimal product selection that makes it easier to think sustainability into the project's specifications.

Respect for the environment and our fellow human beings is strong brand awareness factors that increases the value and quality of your project, and we look forward to help you think these focal points into your next sustainable project.

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