Sustainable product development and being a responsible company goes hand in hand towards becoming the preffered supplier of countertops

HORN CSR Strategy

Ethical growth and sustainability

HORN deliver a broad range of countertops in various materials and designs. Our focal point have nonetheless always been to ensure, that our solutions have one thing in common;

Quality -All the way through


This focus entails great responsibility beginning from our research and development, supply chain management, production methods, sales procedures and all the way forward to the product is taking into use by the end-customer. 

Our commitment to act responsible and challenge our social, environmental and economical quality is becoming key elements of HORN as a brand and business partner. To achieve the best quality, we are guided by the UN Global Compact principles and sustainable development goals. Our annual Communication on Progress can be accessed at any time on UN Global Compact official site.

Our most critical environmental impacts, derive from our procurement and production of products, due to the acquisition of raw materials, such as wood and stone from all over the world, with associated long freight as well as labour challenges in the area of origin. It is therefore our strategy and policy to:

  • Place demands on our partners, and to the extend possible obtain documentation regarding environmental matters and labour rights.
  • Acquire documentation for the chemical substances included in our product. Including continuous compliance with emission and migration requirements, as well as avoiding products containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) listed in REACH (incl. CMR-Substances and restricted substances (REACH Annex XVII).
  • Advise partners to choose sustainable and certified products.
  • Continuously extend the internal collection of sustainable product solutions.
  • Establish circular product– and  recycling options.
  • We aim to keep a proactive approach to relevant legislation.

HORN Bordplader A/S

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