Efficiency and craftmanship in close interaction.

Production excellence

Effective production facilities

HORN has continuously invested in and improved the production facilities. As a result, HORN today have one of the most modern and efficient productions in the industry.

The road from raw material to production is regularly examined, and all products undergo continuous quality control to guarantee HORN quality − All the way.

By keeping all primary activities local, HORN maintains a strong team of highly skilled employees, with a strong commitment to create amazing products every single day. With a continuous and uncompromising focus on ensuring the best delivery time and-security. HORN therefore experience a unique organizational culture, where the employees go the extra mile to ensure, that HORN is the preferred supplier on the market.


Keeping quality in mind through all processes



"Quality lies in the craftmanship and the materials. It is something I keep in mind everyday, especially as it is so important to take care of the natural materials"

”One cannot say quality without thinking it into a whole. Everything that summarized ensures a finished countertop placed in a home, making its users satisfied and happy."



”I’m extremely proud to be a part of a company that manufactures countertops,
in regards to both the environment and our final-customers”

”I feel and think with my hands. This is how I know whether I've reached the right quality.”


HORN Bordplader A/S

Farvervej 40
DK-7490 Aulum

Phone: +45 9749 8090
Fax: CVR: 25798902

Email: post@hornbordplader.dk
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