To HORN sustainability is a journey - We say that, because what we thought were sustainable just 5 years ago, is so very different from what we believe is sustainable -just 5 years ahead.

When we started, sustainability to HORN were to have certified products, because in that way we could ensure our customers that what we said, developed and produced were approved by a third part institute to actually be more sustainable than competing products.

Today, we have a far more holistic approach to sustainable and responsible development. It is not enough to have 3rd party approved and certified products, if we, as an organization and company, have not also taken a responsible approach to our overall impact.



In our work with sustainable and responsible development, we have therefore committed ourselves to rethink how we define the concept of quality, as the market standard remains primarily focused on: Price - Delivery security - Low error rate.

Well, we are actually pretty good at all those parameters, but honestly, can't we do more than that?

We both can and will.


When we claim to be sustainable in the future, we know we have to have a holistic perspective that affects all our actions.
We have to look into how we can do better for both you, the customer, the environment and not least our employees.

To our customers

To our customers we know that we do good, when we manage to offer high quality products, well designed and with the right service - We do better when all these things are incorporated into a certified, sustainable product for your product safety.

To the environment

To the environment we of course do quite well thanks to our accomplished certifications and the development proces initiated by these. But, we have a massive climate crisis and we all - Even small and medium sized companies like HORN, who aren’t necessarily affected by regulations yet - Have to do more to combat global warming.
Therefore we are currently calculating our impact on both a product and company level, its a comprehensive process which we hope to finish later this year, as we need measurements to first of all be able to educate customers within the products with the lowest impact but also start developing products and find solutions to how we as a company can lower our carbon footprint.

To our employees

HORN is placed, out on a field, in the middle of Jutland, far away from any big cities. But for some reason we find, that our ability to attract new employees is improving, among others because they want to join our sustainable journey.
We know we can improve our ability to include and inform existing employees in this journey, they are the reason we continue to do what we do : Countertops. Therefore we aim to incorporate better initiatives to the benefit of our employees. 





To ensure we set the bar high, we have initiated a B-Corp certification proces. Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for businesses, B Lab is unique in our ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact.

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