Your HORN countertop should provide food on the table for both you and those, who have been working with it throughout the value chain.

FSC® certified wood

Your HORN countertop should provide food on the table for both you and those, who have been working with it throughout the value chain.

FSC is the world's most ambitious global certification for responsible forestry and your safety for wood and paper from well-managed forests and other responsible sources. FSC works for both nature and human conditions in the world's forest areas.

HORN is both FSC®-certified and -member, as it is important to ensure that we trade wood with environmental, social and economic responsibility.

In HORNs product range you will find tropical wood. All different tropical wood species is of course FSC®-certified, but hold, as an additional mark of quality, the international eco-label Rainforest Alliance, which specifically focus on responsible guidelines for products originated from rainforests.

You are in other words guaranteed, that wherever your HORN countertop originates, sustainable development is a primary focal point, including improvements in the working conditions for the workers and their communities, eradication of child labour and the protection of biological systems and preservation of wildlife.

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The certification includes a comprehensive traceability system that checks the origin of the wood and that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. Traceability applies to all links in the value chain, to assure our customers, that the wood comes from a responsible source. In fact as many as 56% of Danes recognize the FSC-label, and as the only certification and labeling scheme of its kind, FSC is backed by recognized NGOs' like the WWF and the Forests of the World.


THE EFFECT OF FSC® -Did you know..?

- A study of forests in the northwestern North America has shown that FSC® certified forests generally store 25-60% more CO2 than non-FSC® certified forests -In some cases, up to 80% more.

- Managers of FSC® certified forests must minimize disturbances associated with wood felling. Unlike conventional wood logs, it helps to maintain habitats for larger populations of mammals and birds such as Malay bears and Argus Pheasants across the tropics.

- Living and working conditions (eg. health insurance and security procedures) are better for workers in FSC ® certified forests than in forests without certification in many countries in the Congo Basin.

- An investigation of FSC ® certified forests in the Congo Basin has shown that even in remote forests forest-workers have access to medical care. This is important as there are frequent deaths and serious injuries among forest workers. 

Read more about FSC® here.

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