The most significant environmental impacts in our business stem from our purchasing and production of products - that is our Scope 3 emissions. This is partly due to procurement of raw materials such as wood and stone from all over the world, with associated long freight as well as work challenges in the area of origin.

Therefore, it is not enough for us to focus only on minimizing our direct emissions in Scope 1 and 2 - We must include a broader focus on Scope 3, in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and combat global warming.

The Målbar tool calculates the total climate footprint emitted from the product. This is calculated according to the EU Product Environmental Footprint (EU PEF) rules and presented according to EN 14067 (Carbon footprints of products). 


CO2e-numbers makes the consumption choice easier

Målbar enables us to easily and efficiently integrate knowledge in our product development process, about how we minimize the CO2 impact of the finished product. -And not least, it enables ud to provide our customers, and end users with knowledge about their future tabletop CO2e emissions, so they can prioritize their consumption and make the most appropriate choice, that suits their needs and individual desire for possible compensation, to minimize the climate impact of our consumption.


Lifecycle screening: 

Our Carbon Footprint is the total quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the full lifecycle of the product. In this case, that includes the impacts associated with raw materials and emissions from manufacturing (materials and resources), transport, in use (cleaning) impacts and impacts at end of life (reuse, recycling, incineration, landfill etc.).

Some simplification in the visual presentation has been made, in order to make the results more understandable for readers who are not environmental professionals.

To make a fast calculation and sum up these emissions is what we call a life cycle screening.

Find more information about the Målbar approach here.


HORN's data is currently up for a final verification by Målbar - The page will be updated with product-specific data.

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