Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Many of us now know the little green Swan label from the everyday products we buy -For example your shampoo, your washing powder or your baking paper. As the Nordic Ecolabel is such a strong benchmark for sustainable consumption in our everyday life, HORN was the first tabletop manufacturer to start Nordic Ecolabelling our range.

The Nordic Ecolabel is one of the world's strictest environmental certifications, and with a high level of awareness that makes it easy for our end users to choose among the best environmentally friendly products.

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The Nordic Ecolabel looks at the entire journey of the product

The goal of the Nordic Ecolabel is to reduce the total environmental impact from production and consumption. It is an ambitious and difficult goal because it requires knowing where, in the product's journey, the environmental problems occur, where they are greatest, and what to do about it. That is why the Nordic Ecolabel looks at what is called the life cycle. That is, on the entire product's journey and the environmental problems that arise along the way - to protect both humans, the environment and the earth's resources.

When you as a consumer buy a product in a store, it has been on a long journey beforehand. First, the product has been designed. Then raw materials are obtained, and then the product is produced by some employees in a factory, just as energy and chemicals may have been used in the process. The next part of the journey is to package the products and transport them to a store, where you as a consumer can buy the product to take home and use in your daily life. Finally, the product is passed on for recycling, discarded or sorted. Everything is part of the product's journey - and during that journey, impacts are made on both the environment, climate and people. The imprint depends i.a. of what raw materials are used, how the product is manufactured and what the consumer and nature are exposed to during use.

In order for aproduct to be Nordic Ecolabel certificed, it must live up to some strict requirements in the phases of the journey. The strictest requirements is where there is the greatest opportunity to reduce the environmental impact, and the requirements depend on what product it is. Looking at the entire product's journey helps to separate the Nordic Ecolabel from most other labeling schemes, that often look at a single part of the journey. For example, by requiring that the raw materials are grown in a certain way.

Do you want to know more about product lifecycles? Read more!


You can help make a difference

Måske tænker du, at det ikke gør den store forskel for miljøet, om du vælger svanemærkede produkter eller ej. Men netop de små valg er vigtige, fordi vi hver dag træffer så mange af dem. Når du som forbruger vælger produkter med Svanemærket, er du derfor med til at gøre en forskel.

You may be uncertain if it makes a difference to the environment, whether you choose Nordic Ecolabelled products or not. But it is the small choices, that are important because we make so many of them every day. When you, as a consumer choose products with the Nordic Ecolabel, you are therefore, without doubt, making a clear difference.

Your contribution: 

  • A richer and cleaner nature
  • Better chemistry in everyday life
  • Responsible use of the earth's resources
  • A smaller climate footprin
  • A sustainable future

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