Bæredygtig produktudvikling og ansvarlig virksomhedsdrift går hånd i hånd mod at blive den foretrukne leverandør af bordplader

HORN CSR Strategi

We are often asked how to get started working more sustainable? Our best answer is - Just do it!

Start from one end, become wiser in the process and be aware that sustainability is not an end station. Sustainability is a journey we are on together, to constantly try to make things better.

Our own work has formalized significantly over the years. Our goal of acting responsibly and rethinking the concept of quality has become key elements in HORN as a brand and business partner. We have high ambitions, and dare to communicate and act on them.



HORN must be the preferred choice in the kitchen and furniture industry, by being standard setting for responsible development within the industry.

Therefore, we strive for all our products to have a minimal environmental footprint, be third-party approved and circular where possible, ofcourse still with an impeccable quality.

We believe in data and facts as central to a sustainable transition, therefore a data-driven behavior is thought into all of our product development processors.

Human decency and respect for the environment are at the heart of everything we do.

Therefore, we know the origin of our products and demand that they are produced under proper conditions. Our decision-making processes are supported by requirements from third-party approvals, are based on data and with a focus on the employees, their opportunities and well-being - Both at our own facilities and externally at our suppliers.


Responsible products

Minimal environmental footprint:

  • -50% Co2 emissions in Scope 1 & 2 by 2025
  • Setting targets for minimizing CO2 emissions per sqm. product by 2023

Third-party approved:

  • 100% FSC certified purchase of wood (Denwood by HORN certified early 2022)
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel on all (relevant/potential) products by 2023
  • Indoor Air certification on all products by 2023

Circular where possible:

  • Active focus on circular product development and work with take-back solutions

Data-driven behavior:

  • Målbar sets the foundation for an overview of our environmental emissions (100% of the range is screened before 2023 and integrated into our ERP at the end of 2023)
  • EPD is developed 


Responsible company

The origin of our products are known:

  • Origin of all products is screened, informed and where possible with an European origin

Produced under proper conditions:

  • The HORN Code of Conduct for Business Partners is an active part of the partner approval process

Third-party approvals supportive of data-driven behavior and with a focus on employees, their opportunities and well-being:

  • B-Corp certification has been obtained and internal standards are continuously developed (Work environment surveys are carried out on an ongoing basis)
  • Annual CO2 calculation with compliance with SBTI is the basis for an overview of environmental emissions


HORN Bordplader A/S

Farvervej 40
DK-7490 Aulum

Phone: +45 9749 8090
Fax: CVR: 25798902

Email: post@hornbordplader.dk
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