15. Life on land

Life on land is quite essentially the foundation for life on this planet. The goal is therefore to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of our ecosystems, To HORN our primary focus is to ensure sustainable management of our forests to avoid deforestation and loss of natural habitats and land degradation.

15.2 End deforestation and restore degraded forests

Actions taken:

  • Our FSC certification contributes to goal 15 by providing a system for responsible forrest management of forests worldwide and aims to combat the loss of biodiversity through a balanced extraction of forest products. The FSC system ensures the protection of valuable natural forest areas and species, fights illegal logging, and supports the implementation of integrated landscape management policies – Including reforestation and forest restoration programs. 

We therefore believe that our 100% FSC policy at HORN is a great start to ensure we are promoting the implementation of sustainable management of forests, halt deforestation and restore degraded forest. To increase afforestation and reforestation we will be looking into how we can ensure a longer lifetime for our wood based materials through improved maintenance guidance and service solutions including take-back options. In addition the FSC management standards require forest managers to prevent deforestation, avoid forest degradation and maintain biodiversity to obtain their FSC certification.

15.B Mobilize finance and incentive sustainability forest management

Actions taken:

  • To ensure the adequate incentives to ensure sustainable forest management the FSC certification aims to encourage and enhance the economic potential of certificate holders by encouraging the creation of multi-functional forests – In the industry we aim to educate within the benefits of FSC® and have in 2022 been granted the FSC certification at Denwood by HORN to apply the chain of custody standards to their upcycled waste products as well.


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