16. Peace Justice and Strong Institutions

We believe that a strong moral compass is essential in our ambition to be a sustainable and responsible company. Trustworthiness, being honest, loyal and standing up for what we believe is one of our key organizational values alongside respect, cooperation and commitment to rethink current standards. Therefore we want to promote inclusive societies and organizations to ensure our responsible development.

16.5 Substantially reduce corruption and bribery

Actions taken:

  • Our goal is to be a responsibility company. Therefore we cannot rely solely on being a Danish/Europan based company guided by strict governmental rules, we want to do more and are aware that we have to initiate a more structured approach to ensuring that our partners are guided by the same moral compass. In 2021 we therefore revisited our Code of Conduct and divided it into a version for our business partners and our internal employees to ensure an improved understanding of our guidelines. 

During 2022-23 we will be implementing the structured approach to our business partners. In addition we have proactively initiated a whistleblower system to encourage our employees and partners to report on any experience of attempts on corruption or bribery, and ensure that there is handled anonymous and documented safely.

16.7 Ensure responsive, inclusive and representative decision-making

  • Actions taken:

    • The goal is to ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory, and representative decision making at all levels. We are aware that we historically have been challenged to be inclusive enough in both our management positions and in our production facilities as well. This may previously have been excused by difficulties in attracting a divers employee composition, but we have an responsibility to change this tendency and are challenging ourself to do more by applying for the B-Corp certification. 

Initially we have initiated a monitoring system to gain increased insight and to ensure we start increasing diversity throughout our organization.

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