8. Decent work and economic growth:

The overall goal is to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. We therefore must protect labour rights and once and for all put a stop to modern slavery and child labour.

8.2 Diversify, innovate and upgrade for economic productivity:

Actions taken:

  • It is our goal to stay a Danish manufacturer, we know our Danish employees is more expensive, but we also know they are the primary source of our success. We neither can nor will compromise that. Therefore we are looking into various technological upgrades in our production facilities, and are simultaneously developing competence descriptions on all our employees to ensure they have the right knowledge and training to handle our new technologies.

8.4 Improve resource efficiency in consumption and production:

Actions taken:

  • By 2030, global resource efficiency in consumption and production must be continuously improved and efforts must be made to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation. To ensure that our growth plans doesn’t equal a increasing impact in Co2 we have made a 2020 Co2 baseline, which serve as our guideline for Co2 minimization and goal to improve within the Science Based Targets. 

The share of renawable energy must be increased. Therefore HORN is looking into stepvise plan of being self-sufficient when it comes to our energy consumption. Our first step is to ensure we only use green energy and transform our gas heating into airborne heating.

8.5 Full employment and decent work with equal pay:

Actions taken:

  • Our focus is to ensure that all, also persons with mental and/or physical handicaps receive a fair pay for their work and to push the agenda that ensures work to people with either a handicap or challenge in some way.

8.6 Promote youth employment, education and training:

Actions taken:

  • For many years it weren’t the most popular as a young person to go into the craftmanship profession. But we need good, engaged young craftmans in our production. Therefore we are cooperating with the educational institutes such as:

8.7 End modern slavery, trafficking and child labour:

Actions taken:

  • As of April 1st 2022 our assortment of natural stones such as granite and marble will only consist of stone with a European origin. This is a consequence of our struggle to receive documentation on fair and safe working environments in non-European stone quarries.

Our FSC® certification and 100% policy supports the eradication of forced- and child labour for our wood procurement.


8.8 Protect labour rights and promote safe working environments:

Actions taken:

  • All employees at HORN have equal rights and receive contractual salary, as well as a safe and stable working environment. We believe in and already experience the value of giving chances to employees who have had a difficult time due to mental and/or physical challenges, why our work at Denwood by HORN and the cooperation with jobcentres and municipalities is of outmost importance to us.

Being a Danish manufacturer, our employees is to a high degree well protected by national laws, to ensure that we develop our business practices even further than national regulations we are applying for a B-Corp certification.

We are monitoring our work-related incidents to stay updated on potential risks in the production facilities and be able to prevent those

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