Social responsibility and upcycling of waste material to new interior products

Denwood by HORN

Exclusive design interior produced from residual products

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We owe each other to rethink how we define quality and ensure that we protect both the environment, the people behind the product and off course you as the end user.

Denwood by HORN were founded in 2016 as our social responsible sister, to start utilizing all waste material from our countertop production facilities, and design new home ac-cessories from materials that used to be thrown out.


Quality for the environment

Our current consumption is unsustainable and we produce far too much waste. Today, we are redesigning products from both various materials and sources, including recycled material from other companies than HORN to ensure sufficient supply, but also help others minimize their waste.


Quality for our employees

Besides recycling residual products and waste, we are working in cooperation with municipalities and jobcentres, to try and help people who, for various reasons, have a reduced working capacity, to get their daily working life back on track.

Currently, 45% of our employees at Denwood by HORN is employeed in special terms. 


Quality for you

With Denwood by HORN we aim to make the best use of the world’s resources and help consumers change their consumption patterns and make a more sustainable choice.
All products are designed to be long lasting in both design and durability, and we hope that you will help our future sustainable work, by taking good care of your Denwood by HORN product.


Note: At Denwood by HORN you'll also find our various maintenance products for countertops.


HORN Bordplader A/S

Farvervej 40
DK-7490 Aulum

Phone: +45 9749 8090
Fax: CVR: 25798902

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